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What is Bitcoin and why does it matter?


Introduction MOOC I

What is Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin’s original protocol? Why does it matter?

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a basic introduction to Bitcoin (its system, network, protocol, blockchain and digital currency) for decision makers of enterprises, developers and students. The course covers the importance of Bitcoin’s original protocol provided by Satoshi Nakamoto, and how that original design is now used by Bitcoin SV. After this introductory course, you can opt to follow additional MOOCs to do a deep dive in the history, economics, development, tooling and regulatory compliance associated with Bitcoin. After finishing this MOOC you are able to form your own opinion about all basics relevant for choosing the right blockchain infrastructure for your enterprise or development projects, while also complying with applicable local, regional, and international laws.

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You can read more about the collaboration between Saxion and the Bitcoin SV in this press release: "Bitcoin Association to partner with Saxion University on Bitcoin SV massive open online courses"



Course Staff

Course Staff Image

Raylene Wilson

Technical Program Manager

Course Staff Image

Brendan Lee

Training & Development Manager

Course Staff Image

Evan Freeman

Curriculum Specialist

Course Staff Image #2

Jan Smit

Bitcoin Ambassador Nederland

Course Staff Image #2

Jan Veuger

Leading Professor Saxion Blockchain Institute

Course Staff Image #2

Ronald Kramer

Teacher & Researcher Saxion Blockchain Institute

Course Staff Image #2

Chhay Lin Lim

Teacher & Researcher Saxion Blockchain Institute

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